Treating osteoarthritis through cartilage rejuvenation

We are developing novel treatments for cartilage degeneration using the data-driven Mogrify technology. Our aim is to better the lives of patients by developing novel strategies to regenerate their own cartilage. Our team is a unique combination of computational biologists, clinical experts and tissue engineers. We are developing our products by carefully combining machine learning and physiological expertise in order to find the optimal treatments in order to maximise their impact.

In Chondrogenix, we have successfully converted fibroblasts into chondrocytes using an efficient, robust and reproducible protocol. The protocol permits the generation of an unlimited supply of autologous or allogeneic chondrocytes for cartilage regenerative medicine applications.

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Osteoarthritis is the most prevalent joint disease in the world, in the US alone it was estimated to have cost the economy $304 billion in medical care costs and earnings losses among adults in 2013*. It mainly affects middle-aged to elderly people through the degradation of the intra-articular cartilage, joint lining and the underlying bone of any joint. Currently available treatments focus on treating the symptoms, for instance, the pain or inflammation caused by this degeneration. Chondrogenix is developing revolutionary methods that can regenerate patients own tissue, reversing the effects of the disease and providing a renewed quality of life.